Giant Maize Maze

The Tulley’s Farm Maize Maze is a challenge for all ages with over eight acres of Maize field fun and nearly four miles of pathway, cross huge gallery bridges giving you stunning 3D panoramic views over the maze and the beautiful surrounding countryside, your guaranteed a exciting and mind testing day out for all the family.

The maze has many twists and turns, but have no fear.. You will receive a friendly briefing as you enter the maze and we give you a flag on a long stick to wave should you need help from family or staff.

The Maze Challenge  - ‘Find the Fishes’ stamp hunt will need a keen set of eyes to find the 8 stations to help you fill up your challenge book.

A refreshment kiosk is waiting for you half way - right in the maze and at the end  too – if you make it!

Do try to visit the loo before you enter the maze!

Bring a drink to hand and make sure you mobile phones, cameras and purses/wallets are secure as you will be moving those hips quite a bit!

A map of the maze is available for £1 at the admissions kiosk and refreshment kiosks. If you return the map unopened on exit from the park, you get your quid, if you open it to assist your release from the maze,  you get to keep a great souvenir. But you do get home for dinner!