New Live Fun for 2017

New for Summer 2017...

Meet Barney, Bertie and Bonnie Bumpkin ...

bringing fun farm yard antics, laughter and more to the maze...

The Bumpkins have been working very hard at Tulleys Farm. Between them they've reared some pigs, grown a whole corn maze, and created a whole army of scarecrows to guard their crops. But things are never simple when you work at Tulleys Farm, because there's a little bit of magic in everything that grows and magical things are somewhat unpredictable.
For a start they have Scruffles the Scarecrow who, although made of straw, is very much alive and can always be found dancing around and being silly on the farm. He's not very good at being a Scarecrow because he won't stay in one place! He loves a selfie too, why not have your photo taken with him?
Then there's the magical talking animals. Shady the Sheep, Billy the Goat and Henrietta the Chicken; they cause mayhem in the summer because it's holiday season! They were all set for a trip around the globe, but apparently the flights are overbooked and so they have decided that Barney, Bertie and Bonnie should help them have a 'holiday at home.' Expect a world tour of weirdness in our puppet show as the animals create their dream Summer Holiday by staying at home on the Farm!
The pigs at Tulleys are also a demanding bunch! They're the fastest pigs in the whole of Turners Hill. Barney reckons that his favourite pig, The Prince of Porkness is faster than all the rest. Bertie disagrees and thinks that another pig, Chewbacon,  is favourite. Bonnie thinks that there's only one way to settle the argument - a race! Who will you be waving your flag for?
And of course there's the famous Maize Maze that everyone can explore! But how on earth did they manage to grow something that big and tall? Well, a bit of farming knowledge and a bit of Tulleys magic of course! The Bumpkin family will tell you all about how the magic works in their sing-a-long show!
Don't forget to go in and and experience the Maize Maze for yourself. Lose yourself amongst the corn and follow the Scarecrow trail for a colossal corny adventure!
So join the Bumpkin family and all of our magical team at Tulleys Farm for the Summer holidays. It's a bumper crop of fun!